Technically speaking, it's up for the job.

How High Can I Go?

Feet Meters
Level Backslope, No Surcharge
Level Backslope, 250psf Surcharge
2:1 Backslope, No Surcharge

Right Strength.

While our blocks may be a fraction of the weight of other blocks and make installation look like child’s play, what they’re capable of is anything but that.

  • The male-and-female interlocking system creates a stronger connection
  • A continuous crushed stone backfill adds even more strength
  • Mass Extenders allow you to build higher, more stable walls
  • The advanced draining system creates a longer-lasting product

Unique Size and Design

Verti-Block is perfectly sized for almost any landscaping project. Measuring in at 2’ × 4’ × 3’, it’s able to create gravity walls up to 14’ high — even higher when reinforced. And its unique hollow design makes it lighter, more affordable and easier to handle than solid blocks.

Verti-Block Applications

Gravity Wall

Reinforced Wall


Verti-Crete fence
on Verti-Block Wall