to its core.

The Verti-Block retaining wall system brings intelligent design and beautiful craftsmanship together like never before.

With a range of stunning stone texture designs to choose from, our retaining wall systems are built to enhance your landscape and your home.

The first job of any retaining wall, gravity wall or reinforced wall is to securely retain the earth behind it. And we made sure the Verti-Block system does it better than anything else out there

Whether you’re building for residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks or anywhere else you can think of, we make getting your job done a piece of cake.

Right Look.

Right Strength.

Right Size.

It started with a simple idea. How do we make retaining walls better for everyone? And then we did what we always do — went to work. The result was an entirely new retaining wall system that’s as beautiful as it is innovative.

We removed tons of weight (literally) from our blocks, making them easy to install without heavy machinery. We incorporated engineering techniques that eliminate placement errors and allow for more flexibility with drainage — saving time and money. And we made them easy on the eyes, too, so they add to the beauty of every landscape.