Your job just got a lot easier.

Right Size

Our blocks are built to work in almost any space and can accommodate tight curves and winding landscapes. That means that no matter what job you’re working on, you can be sure everything will fit just right.

Plus, installing the Verti-Block retaining wall system is quick and seamless. The hollow design makes for a less labor-intensive process that’s a heck of a lot more practical than the traditional cast-in-place walls.

Unique Size and Design

Verti-Block is perfectly sized for almost any landscaping project. Measuring in at 2’ × 4’ × 3’, it’s able to create gravity walls up to 14’ high — even higher when reinforced. And its unique hollow design makes it lighter, more affordable and easier to handle than solid blocks.

Vert-Block Applications

Gravity Wall

Reinforced Wall

Verti-Crete fence
on Verti-Block Wall