What is the ROI?

It’s more than you’d expect.

More Boom for Your Buck

Verti-Block is the latest innovative forming system from Verti-Crete, LLC. Recognized worldwide for outstanding aesthetics and performance, a Verti-Block landscape is a sought after feature that can instantly bump up your bidding potential. Additionally, Verti-Block was created to allow maximum versatility and project compatibility in any situation. With its unique form and attractive design, Verti-Block requires less hassle while bringing elevated beauty – a combination that brings a return on your investment.


As a Verti-Block Licensee, you can enjoy:

  • Verti-Block Mold Systems that are sold only to approved licensees
  • Exclusive territory with dedicated production rights
  • Ability to utilize logos, trademarks and technical materials
  • Support of a global partner with resources to assist your precast business for years

Lifting the Costs

So how do we do it? We lightened the burden of moving concrete blocks during construction by removing the excess weight from the center, leaving a hollow core. After each block is placed (even by hand if needed) in its desired destination, its then filled with an aggregate to secure a sturdy formation that’s just as immovable as standard blocks.

This lightweight and easily mobile design means that you can save plenty on heavy machinery costs that were only needed to maneuver those heavy concrete blocks anyways.

Raising the Bar

Finding efficiencies is great and all, but what about the quality? Don’t worry – Verti-Block has you covered there, too.

Verti-Block comes in 25 earth-like colors that easily blend and complement any environment. Paired with a natural-looking texture, these blocks give your landscape an instant facelift. From residential to commercial, Verti-Block raises both the earth and the value of any project – elevating your bidding price with it.

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Verti-Block is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects including residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks back yards, and more. Engineered to use less concrete and be the most versatile block on the market gives us the advantage of a superior product. We know there are lots of questions about the Verti-Block system from Verti-Crete, LLC. And we welcome visitors to our facility where we will show you firsthand the functionality of Verti-Block.


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